Our Guarantee

Unless otherwise stated, our tinting services come with a 25 year guarantee to cover against any un-natural loss in colour during this time (subject to normal weathering conditions).

Properties of the dyes we use:

  • Non-toxic:

    The dyes are composed of microscopic inorganic iron oxide pigments (conforming to British European Standard BS EN 12878:2005). They contain no harmful products and no v.o.c.’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Ultra fine:

    The small size of the pigments enables them to effectively penetrate and ‘stain’, rather than ‘coat’, the surface of the masonry.
  • Permanent:

    The dyes react chemically with the masonry substrate to produce an insoluble, microcrystalline silicate bond. Unlike masonry paints, once applied there are no subsequent maintenance commitments.
  • Non-corrosive:

    The original surface texture of the masonry is not altered by the dyeing process. The only evident effect is the designed colour change.
  • Non-flammable:

    As a result, the dyes are ideal for use in fire surrounds and other areas that are subjected to high temperatures.